What Does Working With Me Look Like?

It's a fun process that's for sure!

After you're ready to start working with me, we have a little dance party! Then I will send you a letter of agreement (this will include the scope of the project and the full fee) to read over and sign. 


Note: If at any point the project exceeds the agreed fee, I will let you know before I continue and we will discuss together the next steps to take. 


After that the process follows as such: 

  1. We will hop on a call (or continue to email if that works best for you) and have a consult to discuss the brief which will allow me to fully understand your vision. This also involves sending you my personalized brand questionnaire. After the call I invoice you for 25% of the fee. 

  2. I start research and writing!

  3. I send you the first draft within our agreed upon time frame and you provide me with any feedback you might have (you can be as blunt as you want). I send you another invoice for 25% of the fee. 

  4. I amend the project to suit your feedback and send it back to you.

  5. You take a look at the project one last time before sending it back to me. 

  6. If there are more edits to be made, I will complete this and send you back the final copy for approval alongside a final invoice for the remaining 50% of the fee. 

  7. Once you have paid, your project is considered finished and I will mark it as complete in my books. You will then be able to use the finished copy on your website. 

Note: If you require any additional copywriting help after the project has been finished, additional charges may apply.